Avlslaget for sidet trønderfe og nordlandsfe


Coloursided Troender and Nordland Cattle

The coloursided Troender and Nordland Cattle (STN) was established as a breed in 1894, based upon the native cattle of the mountain and valley areas of mid- and northern Norway. It is closely related to the swedish Fjäll breed. Breeding material has been exchanged between the two breeds for more than 100 years. There are also remains of similar breeds in the northern parts of Finland, and in Russia.

The breed association was formed in 1946, and works to improve as well as preserve the breed.

The STN breed is a small breed. Adult cows average 420 (300 – 550) kg. The animals are polled, small boned and coloursided. Normally blacksided (black with a white «finching» on the back and under parts), but other colours such as redsided, brindlesided, greysided,and single coloured animals occur. The areas of colour varies greatly from animal to animal.

It has been used as a dual purpose breed, but is of dairy type. It is considered a good grazing cow and efficient on a high roughage diet. That is why the breed today primarily is found in areas where the herds still graze on mountain pastures in the summer. The breed has excellent fertility, longevity and mobility. They are generally healthy and easy to manage, with a friendly and curious temperament.

Milk yield average 4200 kg pr year, with 4,2% fat and 3,3% protein. They are usually calved for the first time at two years of age. Quite a large number of cows turn out to be long lasting, and some of them may go on milking for 12-15 lactations.

Population estimate 2008 is 800 – 900 breeding cows. The storage of frozen semen of total 94 bulls, amounts to 65 000 units.